On Starting Things and Not Finishing Them

Before you scroll to the bottom, no, this blog post won't end mid-sentence. This is not one of the things that I start and then not finish.But that happens a lot. I get a "great idea", I get excited about said "great idea", and boom, next thing you know, I'm staying up all night working on this awesome project. Come morning, I don't even want to look at my computer screen because the thing that I was just working on seven hours ago is just awful. Or, at least, it's awful in my head.My hard drives are full of folders that might as well read "Unfinished Project October 2017" or "What Was I Thinking March 2015". It's that bad. In fact, it's a good thing that folders don't use up a lot of memory, because if they did, I'd be investing in one of those big rooms full of computers that they have in the movies. Something like this:U.S._Department_of_Energy_-_Science_-_395_019_002_(9737690356)I wonder, though, if that "great idea" period is a good sign. If I didn't think, "wow, this book will be the Thriller of books", maybe I wouldn't open up Word in the first place. Regardless, a hangover is a hangover, and I feel like crap when I crash from a new-project-trip.On the other hand, maybe trashing a project is what's best for the two of you. If I never let go of my half-baked projects, how could I ever begin the ones that are actually worth something? I couldn't. So, new InDesign file that I just opened up, you must know that if you never turn into a real book, it's not you, it's me.


Broken heart emoji goes here.

The End. See? I told you I would finish! I never said it would be a "good" finish, or a "satisfying conclusion", but here it is. Goodnight and good luck. 

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