Introducing My Library

I have a lot of books. Too many, actually. Not all of them are classics, but each has something to offer the world. Sadly, most will lie on my shelf, gathering dust. I refuse to sell them– they mean too much to me. At the same time, I feel guilty about hoarding what could be someone’s next great read.

The solution? Obviously, to start a library. After all, I’m a sane, well-adjusted young adult, and that’s what we normal people do.

With a fancy app, I have catalogued my collection and published it online.

In theory, you could even check out books on the Libib page, but that requires a special account on your end. That’s too much work– let me know in the comments or on Facebook or however.

I hope that this will foster a conversation between myself and readers of a similar mind.

Click this link to go to it.

*I don’t have a shelf yet. They’re in luxurious storage boxes at the moment.